Here I am sharing my experiences, from my self-studies and challenges.

  • From Programmers to Product Developers

    I consider most teams who I work with to be on a journey changing from ‘programmers’ to ‘product developers’. Which means the team (whole team!) deeply understands the customer and customer domain rather than depending on someone to clarify for them and hand-off the result of that clarification. Yes, I love to have people with […]

  • Product Review: Sustainability vs Usability or Both?

    Product Review: Sustainability vs Usability or Both?

    In this short blog post I would like to share my personal experience as an end-user about a product redesign in packaging in food industry. Sustainability is the future and it’s a huge responsibility for all of us and always think how we can contribute more. It requires a lot of changes in our lifestyle […]

  • My Findings About Product Management Interviews

    My Findings About Product Management Interviews

    As I am currently looking for a PM role to continue my journey in this world, I would like to share materails, thoughts, and my expereinces here. Materials A useful podecast: A Crash Course in Product Management Interviews by Google PM by Adrianna Berring Thoughts In this LinkedIn post Artabaz Shams as a VP Product […]

  • Product Managment Learning Materials

    Product Managment Learning Materials

    Image by Martin Eriksson, 2011 Here I would like to collect a list of learning materials about Product Management. Please fill free to comment or contact me and send other materials then we can complete this list together. Courses OpenSAP: Build Better Products with a Human-Centered Product Backlog LinkedIn Learning: Product Management: Building a Product […]