My Learnings From the B2B Berlin Event

My Learnings From the B2B Berlin Event

Here are my learnings from the last B2B event where some B2B startup founders shared their experience and learnings in a friendly environment hosted by SAP and organized by B2B Berlin:

1- Gero Decker, General Manager at SAP Signavio:

- Building AI products brings new unknown challenges, which leads to changes in the way we used to structure our product teams and development #processes
- #Sustainability should remain a strong focus using AI and there are a lot more works to be done in this area

2- 🇺🇦 Dr. Anna Lukasson-Herzig, Founder and CEO of nyris GmbH:

- As a founder, never go out of the sales team
- Working from the home country is beneficial, but working from a vacation trip doesn't work
- Take the cheapest (VC) you can and take as much as you can
- No guts no glory

3- Sven Przywarra, Co-Founder and CEO of LiveEO:

- Take out processes that are not working (ASAP)
- Don't replicate; get inspired and invent
- Start with building network
- Hire multipliers vs single contributers
- Communicate values and goals

4- Alexander Müller, Founder and Managing Director of Workist:

- Try to sell your product three times before building it
- Always first sit down with customers
- Nobody expects perfection
- Building a startup takes time... Iterate, iterate, iterate
- Be ready to disrupt yourself, always

Thanks to Greg Greenberger and other B2B Berlin organisers.

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