True-AI Companies

True-AI Companies

This week I had the opportunity to get to know a true-AI startup, Jina AI, and its experienced ML engineer, Isabelle Mohr, during the #GenerativeAI Meetup organized by Roosh Circle and hosted by SAP in SAP Data Space.

Why call them a true-AI startup? Many so-called AI companies exist, but a true AI company—in my opinion—must have a team of AI/ML/data scientists who are actively pushing the boundaries, which is completely true about Jina AI.

The primary product of Jina is an #open_sourced embedding model that has outperformed the competition despite being more #sustainable (smaller model size and less training cost). Although it is a continuous competition with ups and downs, they are clearly showcasing how to be more sustainable in AI while being more reliable.

Another highlight from the event was the presentation from our AI Development Expert, Mathis Börner. In it, he provided a nice overview of #SAP Gen AI projects, showing how we are comprehensively playing a role in the field to provide #relevant, #reliable, and #responsible AI-powered services while preparing for future innovations.

Hope all the best for Jina AI and all true-AI companies which are shapping a sustainable and ethical AI-powered future.


I learned about this interesting paper from Isabelle and hopfully will share a summary when I can finish reading it.